Global Workers’Organization(GWO) is an non-profit organization established in 2013. Weprovide migrant workers in Taiwan with practical informations and services about work,living, lifelong learning and cultural exchange,protect their human rights trough local care and support.

“Nothing about us without us,”GWO also promotes migrant workers to voice their stories and opinions in Taiwan, participate and exchange with Taiwan society for human equality and cultural diversity.


  • Provide foreign workers with information relevant to work, education, and living.
  • Promote assistance for the protection of foreign workers’ human rights.
  • Provide management consulting and services for employees of foreign workers.
  • Promote cultural exchange and understanding between foreign workers and the public.
  • Produce, publish, and broadcast media content about and for foreign workers.
  • Handle related consultations and activities for foreign workers.
  • Communicate and cooperate with relevant foreign worker organizations.


Migrant Blue-collar Workers in Taiwan 

Taiwan opened its job market to Southeastern Asian blue collar workers in 1989. Over the last two decades, many of Taiwan’s policies and laws regarding migrant workers have been adjusted, putting more protections for migrant workers from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries.

Migrant blue collar workers in Taiwan is over 680,000, more than the fifth-largest indigenous ethnic group of Taiwan.

Migrant workers still face some unreasonable regulations and differential treatment – sometimes even discrimination,however, Taiwan government and NGOs keep improving migrant workers’human rights and equality.


Migrant Workers’Up-skill Center

〝On the way home〞Project : Bridge micro business starup between SEA migrant workers and Taiwan business