Global Workers’ Organization, Taiwan (GWO) was establishedis established in 2013. TThe focus of the GWO is to focuses on providinge information on labor laws, work related education &and training opportunities, and job matches, amongnd other information, to foreign workers, students and spouses living in Taiwan. Our goal is to help expats integrate into society and develop skills to help them adapt to living in Taiwan. Through these actions, we hope to protect migrant workers's and immigrants’ working and human rights and promote international collaboration.

In 2022, GWO has been is granted a permit by the Ministry of Labor to establish a non-profit employment service office that can provide a legal employment service at a lower cost than the market price. GWO is also certified in the Talent Quality-Mmanagement System (TTQS) by the Ministry of Labor. We are the first NGO in Taiwan providingthat provides professional on-the-job training to foreign workers.

GWO believes that international workers are equal whether they are white-collar or blue-collar workers. The host country should offerprovide information to all migrants and help them adapt to society basedbase on the principle of information equality, and both parties should ensure the human rights of migrants are upheld. Based on the principle of “Nothing about us without us,” GWO provides participatory empowerment collaboration opportunities and services to migrant workers:

Over the years, the services GWO has provided to migrant workers are beloved by the workers and areis widely reported by domestic and international media outlets. We invite contact from welcome all international NGOs, companies, schools, and governments that are interested in improving migrant work rights or wanting to have a dialogue to contact us.
E-mail: [email protected]/ Tel: +886-2-23751231